The Syllabus

So what will you learn in the Prosperity’s Kitchen? Good question!

Here’s the outline by episode:

badge-researchJan. 21: Market Research/Understanding your Ideal Client (special guest, Mike Michalowicz)

  • Get to the heart of WHY someone would buy from you
  • Build a profile based on research and psychographics
  • Understand where to find your ideal clients and how to talk to them so they’ll hear you (and listen)


badge-brandinglJan. 28: Branding (special guest, Pamela Wilson)

  • How to tell your unique brand story via words and images
  • Developing alliances with complimentary brands
  • Creating a ‘signature dish’ to help you stand out


badge-metricsFeb. 4: Tracking/Measuring Results/Google Analytics (special guest, Deborah Gallant)

  • Which numbers are meaningful and which ones can make you lose focus
  • What you should really be tracking for YOUR particular business needs
  • How to read, understand and then use your Google Analytics reports to make strategic decisions


badge-productFeb. 11: Product Development (special guest, Tara Gentile)

  • How to ensure that your products and services are those that people actually WANT to buy (vs. what you think they NEED)
  • Working with your best clients to create innovative options they can’t find anywhere else
  • Pricing and packaging your offerings for highest success


badge-seoFeb. 18: SEO/SERP/PPC (special guest, Deborah Anderson)

  • Understand and implement Search Engine Optimization techniques for best results
  • How to balance writing copy and content for humans vs. search engines
  • What’s crucial for success in pay-per-click ad campaigns




Feb. 25: Sales Funnels & Lead Capture/Nurture (special guest, Pamela Slim)

  • Structure your marketing efforts so the funnel flows freely (from awareness to sales)
  • Building relationships and nurturing leads into clients
  • Creating systems to handle the process


badge-copy-writingMar.4: Copy Writing that Converts (special guest, Erika Napoletano)

  • What elements need to be present in your copy for people to say, “Yes”
  • How to think like your prospect so you can help them see the true benefits
  • Why the visual presentation of your words is just as important


badge-emailMar. 11: Level Up Your Email Marketing (special guest, Danny Iny)

  • How your email newsletters should really work (if you want to make sales)
  • Creating messages that are real, authentic and warm
  • Developing campaigns that build for a successful product launch


badge-bloggingMar. 18: Blogging (special guest, Denise Wakeman)

  • How to write blog posts that inspire your readers to take action
  • Creating content that gets shared far and wide
  • Building a repertoire that tells your brand’s story


badge-social-mediaMar. 25: Social Media (special guest, Lori Taylor)

  • Making your time on social media channels really count
  • Knowing where to focus your efforts for the biggest reward
  • Nurturing a base of true fans and customers


badge-videoApr. 1: Video Marketing (special guest, Steve Washer)

  • Know when to use YouTube (and why)
  • How to create videos even if you’re camera shy
  • How to structure your videos so they make more sense and get more views


badge-systemsApr. 8: Creating Systems/Ops to Keep You Humming (special guest, Diane Conklin)

  • Structuring your work flow so you’re more productive
  • Creating smart systems to keep your work on track
  • Understanding which 3rd party tools can optimize your time and energy


badge-partnershipsApr. 15: Joint Ventures (special guest, Gina Bell)

  • How to find the right partners and the right projects
  • What elements need to be present for the highest success
  • Leveraging your time and energy for the best outcomes

Apr. 22: Finale!

Note: This is just a preliminary outline of what we’ll cover. Each week, you and your team will learn the most important elements for each of these topics and then work together to accomplish a mission that puts that learning into practice.