Be an AmBUZZador!

Become an AmBUZZador and Help Spread the Word about the Prosperity’s Kitchen Project

An Invitation from the Chef

You’re someone who stands for authenticity, solid outcomes and thinking BIG, right?

And if you’re like most of us, you find the current level of marketing hype on the internet to be — at best — a noisy distraction, at worst — a cancer on all entrepreneurial efforts, everywhere.

One of the biggest problems with learning how to market yourself in the online world is that there are far too many folks willing to sell their easy-peasy blueprints and templates for a couple grand without really teaching new entrepreneurs what they need to know — and how to think critically and strategically about their businesses.

This is something I’d like to end.

It’s my current mission and it’s why I developed the Prosperity’s Kitchen project.

If you like what you see here, I invite you to join this movement as an esteemed member of our exclusive AmBUZZadors Team.

I’m looking for just a few committed individuals who believe in this mission and want to see it succeed.

If you have the ability to do any of the following…

  • Share news about the project with your social media networks and/or email lists;
  • Participate in a private Facebook group for idea sharing and brainstorming purposes (will be good networking for you, too)
  • Pass along introductions to potential sponsors (if you have them)
  • Help me identify great non-cash prizes for our $10K package

There will be NO meetings to attend, just your commitment to help us spread the Buzz about this movement. I anticipate your time for this would amount to no more than 15 minutes each week.

I’m confident that with a strong grassroots strategy – and YOU on the team — we can get the word out about this project and help change the face of online learning for years to come.

What You Get in Return

I can’t offer you any sort of monetary payment at this point, other than a generous affiliate share of the play-at-home subscriptions (something bigger than our regular affiliates will receive). If all goes as planned (and you’re able to see this through as real team player), I’ll also offer you a free play-at-home membership (these will be awarded in early January 2013).

I can also offer you an entire bio page on this website — complete with your image/logo and links to all your best programs and projects. As well as some bling for your own website with an amBUZZador badge.

The non-tangible benefits of joining this movement will go far beyond the money or PR – you’ll be able to meet a dedicated group of like-minded entrepreneurs and build relationships that outlast even this project and its mission.

Sound good? Fabulous.

The next step is to raise your hand by sending me an email ( to let me know you’re in and committed to the mission.

I’d like to keep this group of amBUZZadors manageable, so will only accept the first 100 individuals.

If that’s you, let me know and I’ll get you access to the Facebook group and the amBUZZador badge. You’ll also want to send along your bio (500 words or less) plus one image (photo, logo etc.) and up to 3 links to your own website and/or other projects.

We’re in this together, for sure!